reż. Jules Herrmann / Niemcy 2016 / 82’
nominacje: Europejskie Odkrycie Roku - Prix Fipresci
Seanse - kup bilet:
10 gru


Godehard Giese, Adeline Moreau, Fabien Ara, Bettina Grahs

Opis filmu

Nauczyciel Antek Liebmann zmienia swoje życie, przenosząc się z Niemiec na francuską wieś. Szybko jednak przekonuje się, że nie ucieknie od przeszło­ści. Reżyserka podkreśla, że to sceneria Pikardii natchnęła ją do realizacji tego filmu. - Miał to być zarówno eksperyment formalny, jak i twórcza podróż - mówiła Jules Herrmann.

Teacher Antek Liebmann moves to the French countryside in an attempt to leave his former life in Germany behind. He soon gets a job and finds himself in a new relationship. But the strange energy of a near-by artists residency and an unexpected visitor from Germany make him realize he cannot escape his memories. He must find a way of confronting the ghosts of his past.

There is a magical place in Picardy where the peacock calls and wonderful things are created almost spontaneously. I wanted to make a film here, as both an experiment and creative adventure and while working as intuitively as possible. The time between the decision to make the film and the actual shoot was exactly one month, with the shoot lasting two and a half weeks. There were 27 small pieces of paper with scene ideas (which are, by the way, on the table by the window in the Apple room scene), three team members and seven performers. Blank spaces in the script such as "he watches a performance show that is evoking something dark in him" were gradually filled with impromptu creative gifts. One of the narrative excursions was planned in advance, while the others were added during the shoot. I wanted to play with the film’s form, as I find too few narrative films dare to do this. The content lent itself to this idea, which was sometimes concrete (letter boards) and sometimes vague ("something with colours"). We filmed the plumage of the peacock because I somehow knew it would fit into the film’s narrative. It was when the peacock died shortly after our departure that I had the idea to use its feathers as a metaphor and source of inspiration. The power of creativity made our experiment succeed and showed our main protagonist the way out of his crisis. I wish for more movies that break new ground, as well as for an audience that wants to share this experience.

Jules Herrmann, director

Informacje o reżyserze

Jules Herrmann


reżyseria: Jules Herrmann
scenariusz: Jules Herrmann
zdjęcia: Sebastian Egert
montaż: Jules Herrmann
muzyka: Christian Halten
obsada: Godehard Giese, Adeline Moreau, Fabien Ara, Bettina Grahs
producent: Torsten Reglin, Roswitha Ester, Jules Herrmann
produkcja: Ester.Reglin.Film Produktionsgesellschaft
język: francuski, niemiecki, angielski
barwa: kolor
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