The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez dir. Wim WendersThe Beautiful Days of Aranjuez dir. Wim Wenders
Meetings with Wim Wenders

As president of the European Film Academy, Wim Wenders will be a guest at New Horizons Cinema during the awards ceremony.

Recognized as one of the most important contemporary directors in world cinema, a retrospective of Wenders' films that began in Wrocław in September came to an end just a few days ago with his 2015 film Every Thing Will Be Fine.

With Wenders currently visiting the city, not only will we be able to take part in meetings with him, but we will also have a chance to see his latest work, The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez.

Wenders is the director of such acclaimed titles such as Wings of DesireParis, TexasLisbon StoryMillion Dollar HotelThe End of Violence, and The American Friend. He is also a wonderful documentary filmmaker, having made Buena Vista Social Club and a portrait of Sebastiăo Salgado called The Salt of the Earth. Wenders is also a professional photographer.

One of the most moving documentaries in world cinema, however, is Pina, a tribute by Wenders to the great choreographer Pina Bausch, who died several years ago.

Pina 3D
dir. Wim Wenders, France, Germany, United Kingdom 2011, 106'

This is not a biopic of the late Pina Bausch, who died in 2009. Rather, it is Wenders' homage to her work and a hymn to art. In this subtle and delicate film, the German director stands up for the most fragile values: feelings, beauty, and respect for fellow human beings. Wenders managed to record Bausch's most important performances, The Rite of SpringVollmond, and Café Müller, as well choreography performed on the streets of Wuppertal, Germany. Though the film has virtually no dialogue, the dancers' beautifully use their bodies as means of expression. Wenders had already started thinking about making this film some twenty years earlier. He waited until cameras reached a point where they enabled him to reconstruct the world created by Bausch on stage in cinematic form. Unfortunately, he was unable to complete the film before Pina passed away (Krzysztof Kwiatkowski, 11th T-Mobile New Horizons International Film Festival.

Screening and meeting with Wim Wenders: 11 December, New Horizons Cinema, 16:00, tickets PLN 10

Piękne dni w Aranjuezie 3D / Les beaux jours d'Aranjuez / The Beautiful Days of Aranjuez
dir. Wim Wenders, France, Germany, 2016

A free-flowing adaptation of the artwork of Wenders' longtime friend, Peter Handke. The film is both a discourse on love and a reflection on words, art, and creativity.

On a beautiful summer's day, a man and a woman are sitting on a terrace leading into a garden, where they are enjoying a playful conversation. They talk about their sexual experiences, their childhood, their memories, about the beauty of summer and about the differences between women and men. This intimate conversation is a kind of game that shows women's and men's perspectives on reality, and how the two sometimes diverge. In the background, a writer can be seen in the house, writing at his desk. Is he fabricating the dialogue and writing down what is taking place on the terrace? Or are, perhaps, the man and woman dictating the dialogue to him?

Screening and meeting with Wim Wenders: 11 December, New Horizons Cinema, 20:15, tickets PLN 16

Daniel Espinosa, USA 2017
Personal Shopper 
Olivier Assayas, Francja 2016
17. Tydzień Kina Hiszpańskiego: Jednooki król 
17. Tydzień Kina Hiszpańskiego
Marc Crehuet, Hiszpania 2016
17. Tydzień Kina Hiszpańskiego: Jota Carlosa Saury 
17. Tydzień Kina Hiszpańskiego
Carlos Saura, Hiszpania 2016
Niki Caro, USA 2017
Captain Fantastic 
Matt Ross, USA 2016
Cmentarz wspaniałości 
Apichatpong Weerasethakul, Tajlandia, Wielka Brytania, Niemcy, Francja, Malezja, Korea Południowa, Meksyk, USA, Norwegia 2015
Stephen Gaghan, USA 2016
Kong: Wyspa Czaszki 
Jordan Vogt-Roberts, USA 2017
Logan: Wolverine 
James Mangold, USA 2017
Martin Scorsese, USA, Tajwan, Meksyk 2016
Mr. Gaga 
Tomer Heymann, Izrael, Szwecja, Niemcy, Holandia 2015
Ostatnie dni miasta 
Tamer El Said, Egipt, Niemcy, Wielka Brytania, Zjednoczone Emiraty Arabskie  2016
Jim Jarmusch, USA 2016
Agnieszka Holland, Polska, Czechy, Niemcy, Szwajcaria 2016
Catti Edfeldt, Lena Hanno, Szwecja 2016
Światło i cień 
Yeşim Ustaoğlu, Turcja, Niemcy, Polska, Francja 2016
Toni Erdmann 
Maren Ade, Niemcy 2016
Zwariować ze szczęścia 
Paolo Virzì, Włochy, Francja 2016
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